Maintaining moisture is one of the biggest complaints I've heard when I ask about skin concerns. Well here are my best tips for keeping your skin moisturized. This is especially important during the summer and winter. This is when it seems the heat can zap every bit of moisture from your body and the cool winter air can suck you dry!


hydrate to keep your skin moisturized
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Drinking water is the number one most important aspect of keeping your skin moisturized, especially in the summer heat. We tend to lose water through sweat when the temperatures rise and we need to make sure we are replacing that water. I like to drink between 90 and 128 oz of water (or unsweet tea) each day!


Make sure that your body has all of the nutrients it needs by having a balanced, healthy diet with lots of veggies! YES veggies. They contain the minerals your body needs to make your skin beautiful. You also need adequate amounts of protein and fats to keep your skin healthy. If you are concerned about your health or diet as it relates to your skin please discuss this with your doctor or seek nutritional counseling! You may also benefit from a hair, skin, and nail supplement that contains b vitamins and biotin. You can also take omega 3 supplements (or just eat salmon to your heart’s content) to help improve the condition of your skin and hair.

Healthy diet for health skin


This is something I cannot emphasize enough. Ideally you will use a natural oil or butter daily; however even if you use a cheap lotion that is mostly water, it is better than nothing. Water-based moisturizers both add water to the skin and seal the water into the skin because they are a combination of water and oils or butters.

Oil-based moisturizers seal the water into the skin. The best time to apply a moisturizer is right after bathing. Your skin has already been drenched in water, cleaned of any excess oil or dirt, and your pores are open. This allows the moisturizers (both water and oil based) to work most effectively by being absorbed into clean skin and sealing in the water your skin absorbed during the shower. I recommend an oil-based moisturizer (an oil or whipped butter) right after bathing and if you need a touch up later on using a water-based moisturizer.

use a moisturizer



I like to exfoliate both my face and body 1-2 times each week. I use a mild exfoliant mixed with oil like my Coffee Scrub. This removes dead skin and helps increase circulation in the skin allowing the water and moisturizer to be better absorbed by the skin.


use gentle cleanser

I use a gentle cleanser on both my face and body (and I have combination skin) because my body tends to produce more oil when I over-wash. My face cleanser is a creamy cleanser and I use a soap bar (like these) that has a creamy lather. This removes excess dirt and oil without over-drying my skin. When you wash your skin should feel clean and fresh but not dry or tight. If your skin feels tight or dry after washing your soap is too strong!

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